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I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have coaching sessions with Mary. She made me feel safe & heard every time.


Most of our sessions took place over the phone due to distance where we both live. Had wonderful results overcoming the fear to travel to unknown places. Which has brought a wonderful burst of freedom into mine & my children's life, by visiting new places, meeting like minded people and making new friends. 


Mary's knowledge, to use learned techniques & her intuition helped me to unlock areas where I had tried before and had left me feeling stuck & disempowered. Truly grateful for the opportunity to open up my inner strength and be empowered. 

You never know how much she can guide you to open up, in a new way forward, under Mary's safe guidance.

Angelina P

 Rita S 

Mary provided me with one to one coaching for an issue that I came to her with. She gave guidance in a very professional and straightforward manner and got to the root of the problem very quickly and made me feel comfortable opening up to her. She would let me come to my own conclusions and taught me to find ways on how to handle the matter on hand which in effect allowed me to feel empowered and the adoption of coping strategies.

I would recommend Mary as she is a very friendly , approachable and enthusiastic coach who cares about getting results for the person that she is working with.

Tosin O

My coaching session with Coach Mary was really transformational and has made a really great impact on me in the short time we have worked together. 

She was able to get the root of one of my major issues. We also used her tool, which was really great at capturing my empowering vision and focus on my one overreaching goal to focus on. 

I was able to get a goal to focus on, in the current month, we further broke it into weekly task and finally in a week planner. This has increased discipline and structure, helping me to be productive and achieving more.

Thanks Coach Mary

Conchita L

I came to Mary for a 1-2-1 coaching session as I was dealing with anxiety which was affecting my personal and professional life. Mary enabled me to realize my fears and accept them as challenges to embrace. She is wise, discerning and yet very gentle. I'm so thankful for her guidance, perspective and willingness to be used as a vessel.

Michelle W

Mary is such an amazing coach, she really pushes you to your fullest potential to become the best version of you. 
Her coaching course How to achieve your goals and Maximise your potential  back in March 2019 was my first encounter with her and honestly I learnt so much, since then there have been so many changes. She made me fall in love with working on my inner me more. I had the privilege of having a 1-2-1 coaching session with her where she helped me remove specific things that needed to be shifted, how to change my mindset and how to handle my emotions. She also has a 90-Day Foucus planner which guides and helps you to take that step into your greatness, and how to be intentional in your everyday living. Thank you so much Mary, I pray that God continues to increase and bless you in everything that you do!! Xx

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"I learnt the ability to catch a downward spiral  & recognise it. Mary was very engaging throughout the course and was able to direct me in my queries which I thought was great. I feel more positive after the course & look forward to applying it in my life. Thanks."

"The program has enlightened me to the ways and means of realising my goals or potentials.



"I have learnt the need to be more aware of self. I felt I know all that there was to know about myself. This course has shown me that there is always something to focus on for change and improvement."

"I have learnt so much about myself. I thought I knew myself but the course showed me that there are many areas which I had not explored. I thought I knew it all but there is so much more to discover. Session was brilliant! I also learnt that there are times when you will fall but the secret is to pick yourself up again. Thank you."



"I have learnt that thinking about how limiting thoughts can have a negative effect on your future. This event was a safe place to share testimonies and step out of our comfort zones I thoroughly enjoyed it."


"I now know I can and I do fit in."


"Today I am commited to believing that I am good enough."

"Thought changing! The most useful part of this workshop was recognising my own negative beliefs"


"I learnt to be honest with myself and continue to realise that despite my feelings of inadequency I can still be useful in life. I felt encouraged by what was said and discussed. What society calls weak is not necessarily so. To believe more of what God says about me - as I have been doing."



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