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It is what it is, Let it be

Let it be

The divinely right time for me

Desires needs and wants

It is all that there is, it knows all let it be. No need for a push, no need to worry – I now understand why?

It is what it is, it makes it all, bringing it to fruition

Your needs, your wants, your dreams, your visions, your goals, your plans, your expectations, your fears, your objections, your views, your desires, your mind, your body, all external desires and haves, all your belongings – write it all down. Leaving none behind.

Next, surrender it all and let go of it. A painful process but a joyous moment, piece by piece it becomes, piece by piece it is. Piece by piece let it go! Detaching oneself from it all and becoming one with all.

Assuring yourself that all will happen at the divine right time for me, and so I need not push but to ask, I need not worry, but to ask, I need not agitate myself, but to ask. Asking for oneness in all, ask for illumination of my mind and heart, ask for cleansing of my consciousness, ask for the filling of wisdom, love, and joy. Knowing that you never need to ask for external material things, but to give thanks for its manifestation. As it is what it is, All taken care of – all one, connected together.

'Let them be one, as we are one...' Christ's prayer when on earth (Book of John)

We are one. One for all. All for one.

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