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Being present is crucial for you to become aware of what is happening around and within!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The time has come for me to share, the writings I have written during my silent meditation moments. You will possibly come to know more of why seeking God in everything I do is important to me.

Welcome to my first blog post. I made the decision to start this blog as I now want to share all that I have written along the way, when I consiously awoke to the things unseen. This has been part of what has allowed me to evolve and grow to be the person I am today and onwards... I decided this is something I would love to start sharing with the world, to empower and encourage you to let your light shine.

Therefore, Welcome! Comment and Share!

In the beginning of my meditation journey on listening, my early writings were written as if I was having a conversation, I would ask a question to Christ and as the answer was revealed I wrote it down...

Being present is crucial for you to become aware of what is happening around and within

How can we teach people to be present? By letting them know what presence is

A lot of people are unaware that they live and never know what's happening

Is it easy to be present?

Is it easy to notice/be aware? Immediately one is told they practice and practice and practice and soon they will start being present always

Why do we still quarrel/ fight etc.?

Because of your own undoing

What undoings?

Where peace reigns no quarrel will exist, you will not need to quarrel

You will not allow anything to steal it away

Remember the analogy, when a thief comes knocking at the door and asks to come in to steal. Will you let them in?


Similarly when a quarrel comes knocking at the door and asks to come in to steal your peace. Will you let it in? "No"

Although many fail and because of their own undoing's, you feel you need to justify yourself. When your foundation is sure, when truth abides in you, quarrels/fights cease to exist

How do you stop quarrelling, you may ask?

Set your foundation on the word, know the truth, let what you say, what you do speak life!

Let it be grounded in you, so that you may not waiver

If a quarrel/fight comes how do you avoid it?

When it comes, through others or just as it comes

Be present, notice it and cast it out in Spirit

Be silent if need be, and if there is something to be said as you are present you will know what to say.

Thank you, Lord

I Am always here

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