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I Believe, Help My Unbelief...

Freedom, Joyful, Abundance & Peace

None of these are with-OUT, but rather from with-IN

WithOUT = Searching for external /outside things you will always be WITHOUT

With-IN = Searching internally /inside you will always discover and have it WITHIN

For nothing is with-OUT but rather from with-IN

How do we find these things?

Those who seek to find, knock and the door will be opened.

Be still, be silent, be aware, be awakened

Is there a step-by-step process?

It is not easily found, for if it were easy all would find it and be wise.

However, it is kept hidden for those who diligently seek, those who are diligently committed to the journey. Only those will find these things.

When they find what happens?

They live in it, they are awakened and KNOW.

What do they KNOW?

The secrets of the Kingdom

Are we to share it to each other?

Oh YES, share but child, only those who have ears will listen and take it to heart.

What ears are this?

The spirits' ears. Some people's ears are deaf and until they are unveiled will they hear.

How is one's ear opened?

Ask and you shall receive, believing with no doubt

Ask and you shall receive.

Will they know its opened?

Believe it is opened and it is open

Question it and it is not

How does one believe?

Believe, ask for belief and you will receive it

I Believe, help my unbelief.

Believe you have it and you have it.

How do you help those who don't believe?

Be present

While in their presence, the more you are there the more their spirit will start to shift.

The more you speak, their spirit will start to shift

What if they don't shift?

You've got to understand, not everyone gets it straight away.

  1. They are those who first hear something and receive and do immediately.

  2. They are those who hear, but they keep it , only many moments later do they do understand

  3. Then they are those who hear but reject it, never to do. Hence there is no hope for them for they rejected what could have saved them.

Is that the key, to ever be so hearing?

Yes, not everything is for you now, but never reject it until you hear.

Only then can you know if it's from me or from the enemy

Is evil real?

Is evil real, only when you believe, it IS

There is only good?

What you believe IS

Thank you Lord for this message.

Do I share it?

At the right moment, I will reveal and you will KNOW

Thank you

I Am always here

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