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Life is blissful, it is what is!

21st July 2020

A number that I do not see or perceive. Life seems blissful, knowing what to say however unaware of the relay. 

Life is blissful we see it, we perceive it, we conquer

We know, we come to know that which was already there

Life is as it is, never changing never abiding always is, just as it is

It is what it is, a phrase so small yet so impactful

It is what it is, life is what it is

Learn, understand, know, apply

Life is what it is

We don't fight it

We endure it 

We do not resist it

We welcome it

We do not fear it

We love it

We choose one path or the other, it is the path

We dwell on one thing or the other, it is the thing

No manipulations, no justifications, it is what it is

Our perceptions, our impulses create what we see

Never knowing that it is what it is, 

Ever knowing it is what it is,

For it is what it is

Life is blissful filled with radiant joy, fulfilment and happiness!

Until you know, you will endure until you know, it has been what it is

It was always is, It is what it is. Life is blissful!

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