“In the silence, the answers are found. In the silence, the direction is revealed. In the silence, your vision comes alive – ready to be perfectly manifested on earth.”

~ Coach MaryKM ~

About our Founder & MD

Coach MaryKM, BEng

My career background is in Mechanical Engineering - M&E Consultant (Building Services), I had been in the industry for 5 years before I left to start on my own. After my own battle with mental health, suicidal, lack of motivation, fear of uncertainty, feeling lost, just to name a few… A time came and I felt that there was so much more to give and do on earth - I just did not know what. This led me to acquire the necessary training & qualifications on coaching & therapy, with the plan to coach others. Little did I know it was all for me, I had to be coached before I could coach others. The beginning of a lifetime journey...

I am always amazed when I look at where I am now, when I think of, where I have come from mentally, spiritually and soon, financially. My personal development journey started when I was 20 when I discovered that, ‘if I want to make the world a better place, then I have to take a look in the mirror and make a change.’ That revelation came when I had made a vague decision that I was to no longer live life that year. I guess God had a different plan for me, for my steps were directed and I wanted to live and know who I am.

That didn’t fully come to full clarity until I was 25, when all seemed lost and unbearable. I went to the utmost darkest moment. I was challenged to look deeper within, that is when my true spiritual development journey began. I surrendered, ‘not my will but your will be done.’ The first part of my purpose was revealed, ‘I am here to serve.’ Each day has been a journey, with ups and downs, irrational decisions, mistakes, glimpses of joy, peace or love. I am learning to Be Still and Know! I am learning the importance of stillness, discovering the inner voice and experiencing true guidance. I am learning each day.

This came as I started to challenge my mindset, I questioned almost everything I believed as it came forth. Why do I think that way? Where does it come from? What have been the consequences of those beliefs, of those thoughts? Which in turn awakened my self-awareness of my thoughts, response and actions. It’s still a challenge, however each day I am becoming.

Be Still and Know Ltd was manifested(born) when once again I experienced a dark moment, a build up from mid-2018 – end of 2019. Where I had seemed to go off track, focused on immediate gratification, focused on material/ external things only, focused on guilt and shame.

With all that focus, I was once again blinded to who I am? Why I am here? I started to question life once again. Having no clue on what step to take. I went into a still moment, seeking God’s face (Psalms 27:4), one thing that I had not done in an exceptionally long time. The second part of my purpose was revealed, ‘I am here to Love.’ A light awoke in me. It was in this stillness that I knew what I was to do next. 

Be Still and Know Ltd is here to help powerful ambitious people remember how powerful they are. Fulfilling the vision: to awaken our clients from unconscious living, into a place of freedom and abundance.

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