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“In the stillness, the answers are found. In the stillness, the direction is revealed. In the stillness, your vision comes alive – ready to be perfectly manifested on earth.”

~ Coach MaryKM ~

Leadership Coaching Consultancy

 Transforming leaders to great leaders 

 Create positive change. Make an impact. Lead with love. 


Do you want sales in your business? 

Do you want to get clarity in your business & profession?

Do you want to be confident in your business & profession?

Do you want to know the power of community in business & profession?

Do you want to see results, results, results?

You are in the right place!

Are you a leader?

We believe we all have a level of influence​, which is leadership. It is said; an average person will influence 70,000 people in their lifetime. Meaning we are all leaders in different forms, influencing in one way or another, therefore we all need to be aware of leadership.

  • How do you show up in our life?

  • How do you show up in your business and/or profession?​


This has a big effect to the results we see. ​Here is where we come in...

We transform leaders to great leaders, through our 1-2-1 and group coaching programs & masterclasses resulting in our clients getting the results they seek to have - not only in their business or professional life, but also in their personal life too!

Our clients may also want...

  • No stress

  • No burnouts

  • No overloads

  • Public speaking 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Conscious leadership 

  • Energy management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Results, results, results

  • Sales, sales, sales in business

  • Build mental & emotional resilience

  • Accountability, creating boundaries

  • High performance, time management

  • Career progression - pay rise & promotion

  • Work-life balance/ Work-life-business balance

  • Community support: mastermind and accountability group

Achieve your highest potential whilst creating positive change & making an Impact!

Know and let your light shine!


Our Customers Journey

Would you want to learn more and experience coaching before making a decision? Start the journey with booking an initial 30-mins consultation (or a series of consultations if needed - there is no rush).

Initial Consultation

(or a series of consultations if needed - there is no rush)

This is free. 



During this up to 30-minutes meeting you will experience a powerful coaching conversation



When you ask, you will receive a bespoke & tailor made proposal of how we can work together. 

You decide! Hell Yes or No!

Our Values, Beliefs & Philosophy


In everything we do, we do it with excellence. Challenging our mindset, the status quo. Knowing and mastering thyself.

Love is all there is, have fun and LOVE!

Learn more...


Our Programs

Our ongoing programs and masterclasses. Your investment would be from £597 and £5,000. Learn more below and register your interest for that which is for you...


free 3-day masterclasses

Perfect for those who want to create positive change & make an impact - whilst achieving their highest potential. Frequent live online masterclasses on conscious leadership and more hosted in our online community. Register for your access to our next live one in NOV & DEC 2020 


7-week group coaching

Perfect for professionals with a side/multiple businesses wanting career progression/ business growth, work-life balance/ work-life-business balance, clarity, accountability, confidence building, mindfulness, team encouragement, community support.


90-day focus


Expand, Scale and Grow!

Transform your life and business in 90-days.


annual mastermind program

Perfect for those who want to make their current business full-time in 12-months. Scale and expand their business whilst making an impact. Launching in 2021




Perfect for those who are champions at doing it themselves! Have your own personal performance coach planner with you at all times. For a FREE TRIAL - Download & Print one of our planners and get the first number of pages for free (includes day 1-14.) 

Our 25 Year Mission

We have a community of the most fun successful and effective conscious leaders on the planet.


About Coach MaryKM

MD, Leadership Coach & Trainer

I am a seeker of truth, the kingdom of God within me, a true believer of challenging my mindset, the status quo, always learning and growing.

From creating my own written language at 7-years old for secret communication with a friend, to teaching myself how to play the guitar and piano, to achieving a 1st class honours (BEng) in Mechanical Engineering and winning a leadership prize at 23, to winning the JCI UK Public Speaking champion 2017,  to being president of a local NGO organisation 2018, to leading the HopeCC Connected youth and young adults group, to launching my own business with no funding and creating my own frameworks. I am learning that we can truly do amazing things when we put our all in it and choose to not give up.

One great insight I have learnt recently is, 'high performance is a distraction, for it can camouflage what is happening within that no one else sees and so suffer in silence.' In spite of my achievements and growth I battled with suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety, suffered in silence. In 2014 I had an awakening moment, when I had a glimpse of that which is within me. I got to experience the kingdom of God within me for just a moment. 'Be the change you want to see, be who you want to see in the world.' This became my intentional conscious beginning of knowing thyself.

My sole purpose & mission is to serve, love and shine. knowing and letting my light shine in my personal and professional life. This enhances me to help and coach high performers in professions, NGOs and business to achieve their highest potential whilst creating positive change & making an impact.

Most importantly lead with love.


Our Principles

Ask permission.

We never give loving counsel, advise or coach to one who has not asked.


Speak the Truth and Hide Nothing.

We say what we are afraid of saying. (Say what no one else is saying, but what needs to be heard.)


Pause, Feel and be Present.

Allow for what has been said to be felt and planted – pause.


Serve, Serve, Serve.

Serve and only serve.

Our Vision

To awaken young people from unconscious living into a place of freedom and abundance.

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.'

~ Carl Jung ~



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Our Philosophy: LOVE is all there is, have FUN and LOVE!